Our lives tend to get away from us with inboxes filling up faster than we can fill a cup of coffee. It is easy to get yourself worked up and overwhelmed by everything happening at once. I’d like to challenge you to write things down. Take that pen and spread your ideas upon paper. Here are 3 reasons why you should take this on and how writing down your thoughts, ideas and challenges will make you more productive, organised and most importantly a little bit calmer.


  1. Write it down

If your memory is anything like mine it's like a leaking bucket, no matter how big the idea they all seem to find a hole. We all have big ideas and more often than not we just let them drift off into the abyss. Having these life-altering ideas saved in the physical helps you recall them in the mental.

“But my ideas hit me when I least expect them” I hear you, like that toaster patent in a canoe or a scented shoe while hiking Everest. I can see why you think a pen and paper won't work there, well maybe check this out first. 

  1. Stay focused

Our brains are not like computers with massive hard drives that can store all information from every meeting and birthday party. Yes, I am sure you can remember the smell of that old wooden chest of drawers your grandmother owned but that won't help you compile your budget reports.

Have you ever tried action points? The premise here is in each meeting to take down each point that relates to you and what you should do once the meeting is over. Writing these action points in the same spot in your notebook will help you visually recall them but also where to find them 3 months later. Our books have dots which are perfect for this. Check it out.

  1. Keep you motivated

When you are overwhelmed or just having one of those days, writing down a mini action plan might just give you the clarity you needed.

Start by writing down your biggest goal for the day, then how you will achieve that goal and finally the challenges that are standing in the way. This way you will know where to start and where you will end up. A goal and a measurable outcome.

Writing things down is a great way to help you stay motivated and tame that overwhelming beast piling up on your desk. All you need is a pen and paper and your creative mind will help you through your day.

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