I’ve always been something of an ideas guy. The problem with ideas though is that they tend to have the inconvenient disposition towards leaving just as quickly as they show up.

They’re sneaky like that.

So I decided I needed to trap them. That’s where the Pockett Writable came in. Now, if you’ve ever found yourself wondering why we put a double T at the end of  Pockett, you’re about to find out. It has a lot to do with Don Packett, my partner in Missing Link - our presentation business.

I’ll let Don explain his thinking himself:

I loved this idea. Create a trap for your ideas, keep it with you, and as soon as you have ‘em, trap ‘em.
It sounds to simple to be true, right. I mean you could just store them on your phone. It turns out though that intentionality is key.

Every month, when I sit down to start a new Pockett, The first thing I do is set up my idea traps. Let me take you through mine:

Get Rich, quick video concepts: I do a weekly youtube series, this is where I trap the ideas I have for these that still need to be fleshed out in my head i.e. another page all on its own.

Learn more about: People are forever telling me rad things about rad things, I’m a curious guy, so I want to know more, that’s where this trap comes in. For example, just yesterday, one of my team, Coenie, told me that in WWII, the Japanese were struggling to decide whether they should build a nuke, or a death ray (for reals - a DEATH RAY). They went, with the death ray - they lost. You know I want to find out more about that.

Then I have one each for business ideas, book ideas, and date night ideas.

These traps look like todo lists. I simply put a heading on the top of the page and checkboxes down the side. I then just check the page number and mark it in the index - then wait patiently for the ideas to start walking by.

It sounds simple, but it’s solid gold. Promise. Don’t take my word for it though, set a trap of your own. If you don’t have a notebook handy, download, print, and fold (here’s a video showing you how to do that) this handy little pocketmod booklet we’ve made for you, and give it a bash.

It’s time we put those sneaky ideas in their place (your back pocket).

Happy trapping…!


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