A notebook for more than just notes

A notebook for world changing ideas, oodles of doodles, writing a book or recipes to cook

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Acid Free Paper

192 pages of acid free paper.

The Square Hard Cover

The 15cm x 15cm Writable has a hard cover made from PU This soft, water resistant, man-made material fits snugly around your Writable.


Thread-sewn and bound to lie flat.

The Magnetic Clasp

The clasp of your Writable contains a tiny yet powerful magnet to ensure that it closes neatly without being bulky or noticeable.

The Whole-Brained Dot

Your brain visualizes the lines when you’re looking for them, but still allows you the freedom of a blank page when you’re not.

Giving Back

Every time someone buys a Writable for their ideas, we give a kid a pack of 5 storybooks to nurture their own

The Whole-Brain Dot for whole-brain thinking.

Some of us need lines to write, some want the freedom of an unlined page to doodle, others have to have both. Finally a solution that accommodates them all, and the freedom to follow your brain wherever it takes you.

Give the dots a go... we know you’ll love them.

Magnetic Clasp

Neatly tucked away in the Writable’s clasp, and inside the cover, are two tiny magnets to ensure your Writable clips firmly closed with every flip of the flap.

Every time someone buys a Writable for their ideas, we provide storybooks to children in need

HumanWrit.es donate a pack of 5 beautifuly illustrated Xhosa storybooks everytime you buy a Writable.